Monday, December 9, 2013

Viva la #nerdlution

As usual, I'm late to the party. I should probably make my #nerdlution to try and be ahead of a trend, but, as I understand it, the point is to set a goal to be accomplished over 50 days that is actually realistic. While I believe in failure as a necessary step towards learning, my experience tells me that setting myself up to fail will not result in any new learning, only frustration, self-doubt and the inevitable internal "I told you so" conversation that really doesn't need to be repeated. I'm too old for that.

I was fortunate to be mentored by an administrator who firmly believed in a whole child approach to everything. She always talked about incorporating a social, emotional and physical component to nearly everything you do in life. To honor her, I'm going to make three nerdlutions, one for each category.

Being a trendsetter in technology, fashion, pedagogy, thought, etc. is out of the realm of possibility. As much as I admire the great young minds on twitter, I'm not going to be one of them. Whoever said "youth is wasted on the young" has never read a blog post or tweet by Justin Stortz @newfirewithin, Oliver Schinkten @schink10, John Spencer @edrethink, Dave Burgess @burgessdave, Pernille Ripp @pernilleripp, or Joy Kirr @JoyKirr. These creative, passionate and thoughtful young educators are just a few of the connections I've been fortunate to make on twitter who have helped shape my thinking. One of my nerdlutions is to send a tweet of thanks out over the next 50 days to people (young and old) who have impacted the how and why of what I do each day to let them know they are appreciated.

I'm halfway through a master's program. For much of the past 9 months, I've felt slightly guilty when I'm actually doing something unrelated to the program during my free time. One thing I haven't been doing is reading just for fun. I remember what it's like to read a book without (references, 2009), but I haven't made the time to actually do it. Therefore, my emotional nerdlution is to read a book unrelated to education for 15 minutes each night. I'm going to enjoy that.

Finally, my physical nerdlution is to ride my bike during the nightly news each night. I have everything I need to make this happen - I'm just lazy. So, enough with the excuses, already. Via la nerdlution!

(I've  just decided  to stay away from toxic people and detox myself; I realize that I should commit to that for more than 50 days, however. I was reading Tamra Dollar's latest post while writing this. Her #tweetpreciation will be one of the first.)


  1. I especially like the bike on the trainer. I finally got on my own trainer tonight, and it felt good (after it felt bad, of course). Thanks for your post and for tweet.

  2. Great post and great Nerdlutions honoring the whole person. Love your trainer. Something to watch helps the time go by....Try good movies :)

  3. Great & thoughtful post. You bring up some important points. I can also remember the days of "reading a book" just to "read a book". That seems a luxury of the distant past. I love your goals. I think they are wonderful.

    You are not giving yourself enough credit in this post, though. You have been an inspirational educator to me and many others on Twitter and I am so happy that I have had the opportunity to connect with you. Thank you for your kind words!

  4. Those are all great resolutions and finding balance in our lives can be difficult. But a few minutes of reading and some time exercising sharpen the mind, body and spirit, right? Good luck, and stay connected. And stay away from the negative nellies. I know, not always easy. But worth the effort to remain positive.
    PS -- your blog is another stop on my own #nerdlution of 50 comments on 50 blogs over 50 days. Thanks for being part of the connections.